After trip we are feeling proud of our selves that can reached to ABC as on planed within 7 days. Firstly, we heard from orhers people and search in any social media that trekking to ABC must take time more than 10 days. Moreover, the fantastic way should pass Poonhill/ Gorepani too. After we learn by our selves and discussed with our agency tour that we prefer to trek to ABC that didn’t pass Poonhill/ Gorepani as we had tight time to visit Nepal. Then Tej ( Manager of our agency tour) suggested the schedule to us and we were accepted it. He said others can made it so you also can make it too. So we feel this short sentence can encouraged our heart and spirit more or less.
If anyone have short time around 9 days for trekking, dont worry about that and you can also plan for trekking to ABC as well. No matter we were trekking as suggested rote and guidance by our guide and porter as too. We woke up at early morning and reached the destination around 4-5 pm almost every days as our intention. We recommend this agency tour can trust and good service really.
Appreciated for us that our agency tour had provided 1 night as complementary on dated return to Thamel, Nepal too. The hotel name is Kathmandu garden home that very new, cozy and modern room styles. Your kindness overwhelm us and many thanks for answering all my question on time before we travel to Nepal too.

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