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We had a wonderful experience visiting the most beautiful mountain on earth. we went as group of three from UK. We finished Trek in 12 days. Initially we had booked for EBC and Gokyo Ri but the day we did EBC, weather was bad for next two days which means we couldnt go through Cho La pass. We had less time so we didnt like the idea of waiting so instead we came down and spent extra days in Kathmandu and relaxed and did lots of shopping. It was amazing, both Kathmandu and EBC Trail.

Nepal Alternative Trek: I dont have enough words fro Tej. He was amazing. He made this trip possible for us. The prices were excellent. We will go with Nepal Alternative Trek again and again for sure. I was ill the day I arrived in Kathmandu and i was worried that i will not be able to do it. Tej looked at me and said, you will do it, i can guarantee that. He said you are ill, in next few days, when you see the mountains, you will get energy and you will make it and thats what happened. Tej helped us throughout our planning. He was always available to answer our questions before we even booked with him. He helped us remotely with our shopping, what to buy, what not to, he compared prices for us so if there was better quality and better prices in UK, he suggested us to buy from here, things that were better priced and good quality in Kathmandu, he told us to buy from here. So he really did help us save lot of money too. When we arrived in Kathmandu, Tej accompanied us to the shops in Thamel and in 2 hours, we bought rest of our things and next morning we were on our way to Lukla.
Guide: Kumar was our guide for the trip. He was an excellent guide. Very friendly and helpful. He did not rush us. He was very easy going. we took lot of time resting, taking pictures and he was absolutely supportive. He kept a close eye on us if any of us felt a little unwell or unusually slow, he got concerned about our well being and kept asking if we need anything. He does excellent high jumps as seen on his phone. I told him to do it but he said next time so i will hold him for that.

Porters: I think porters are most important and our porters were excellent. Ramis was a little boy and he accompanied us on our rest days too. Both porters were very friendly and on our way back down to Lukla, they wanted to race us. But despite them carrying huge luggage, we couldnt even walk close to them, never mind racing them. They are super heroes.

Overall: Nepal Alternative Trek was the company we chose after months of research and they met our Budget requiremnets Their prices are very reasonable and their service is excellent. I would most certainly recommend them to others and I am hoping to go again for Annapurna Circuit trek and with definitley do it with NAT and have Kumar as a guide and this time making sure that he does high jump.

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Upper Mustang and Chitwan National Park

Dec 2022 Tej quickly planned our trip providing us with the best options. Me and my fiancee wanted to focus on photography and Tej reviewed and adjusted his packages accordingly. His long serving partner Amar Gurung proved to be a reliable and selfless guide willing to fulfill all of ur requests. Together with his we roamed the wild deserted lands of the Upper mustang and visited the Chitwan national park. We would definitely plan our next trip with Nepal alternative treks and Expeditions.


marco di coscio

Uzzano, Italy

Going toward the edges of imagination and experience with Nepal Alternative Treks !

In Kathmandu I met up with a Nepal Alternative Treks guide, and together we embarked on a journey to the Solukhumbu region, to do the Three Passes Trek. A challenging route, the guide was very professional, gave confidence, and opened up many local inroads - geographical and cultural - that would have been off-limits had I done the trek on my own. Considering the challenges on the way, it was indeed very wise to have organised a guide, despite having vast experience in many mountain ranges. Crossing passes in the Himalayas at 5,500 meter is a different story, and acclimitisation (in particular when you carry your own backpack of 17 kilos/37 pounds) had to be well-planned and monitored on a daily basis. So we did, which resulted in the most spectacular mountain vistas I have ever witnessed. Several 8000ers (4 of the 6 highest mountains in the world...) in one panorama, this is arguably only possible in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. The exquisite vastness of the mountain ranges is just overwhelming, and can only be experienced by being there. The guide was flexible, supportive, and very friendly, and became a mountain comnrade, perfecting a trip that I will never forget. 100 % recommended to organise trekking trips with this organisation !


Praveen Sewgovind


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