Hidden Village and Gurja Himal Trekking

Trip Facts


Duration 7 Days


Difficulty Moderate

The Gurja Himal Trek travels through a gorgeous Rhododendron forest, a roaring river, spectacular agriculture, and mysterious towns. By walking along this unexplored route, you may appreciate the majesty of the beautiful Dhaulagiri range, Churen Himal, Gurja Himal, and many more. You’ll enjoy the Beautiful community and wilderness as you travel Gurja Trek’s paths.

Also, you can interact with the friendly and innocent locals on this recently established trip. Discover the solitary, uninhabited Hidden Village (Gurja Khani), nestled near the foot of Gurja Himal, on an incredible short journey to a remote and isolated area (7193m). ​Astonishing vistas include views of Dhaulagiri (8167m) and Gurja Himal, which are seen from a moderate pass that is 3250m above sea level.

Snowfall is probably possible from December through February during the winter. Sleep and eat at simple guest rooms and teahouses. Retrace your steps to return to Pokhara from Darbang. You can either travel through road or take a fight to pokhara. Moreover, during your flight the travel gets shorter. ​Instead you can travel the gorgeous Prithvi Highway in a tourist van for around a 6-7 hour trip to Pokhara. Drive to Beni from Pokhara for stunning views of the Annapurna Mountains. On a plateau above the meeting point of the Kali Gandaki and Myagdi rivers, there is a thriving town called Beni.


Hidden village and Gurja Himal Trekking is newly trekking route in Nepal. It is one of the off beten treks in Nepal. Similarly, it provides the best trekking experience in Nepal. Trekkers have the chance to explore Nepal’s untainted beauty by passing through the customary Magar villages on the Hidden Village and Gurja Himal Trekking.

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Your Hidden Village and Gurja Himal Trekking would be enjoyable and hassle-free thanks to Nepal Alternative Treks & Expedition. The vacation can be modified to meet your schedule’s needs. Come along on the excursion to see the fantastic mountain vistas. Regarding travel services, we meet all of your needs.

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  • Wilderness and adventure of the region will amaze you 
  • Look out for breathtaking mountain views, such as those of Gurja Himal, Churen Himal, Dhaulagiri, and many others.
  • energizing stroll through the forest of rhododendrons
  • See the varied plants and creatures.
  • The generous locals’ warm hospitality is heartwarming.


Day 1

Kathmandu to Beni.

Travelling to Beni from Kathmandu is a journey where we will see all the beautiful hills in the region. We will wake up early in the morning then about 7 o’clock and take a deluxe bus .


Day 2

Arrival in Beni/Beni to Dharapani

Day 2 Facts


Luxury Hotel in Beni



Arrive in Beni, a town in western Nepal where the Myagdi and Kali Gandaki rivers meet. Get a room at a hotel and take the day off.

Drive from Beni to Dharapani, a small village at an elevation of 1560 meters, after breakfast. The trip takes about 4-5 hours and passes through picturesque scenery and small towns. Visit the village of Dharapani for the remainder of the day after checking into your hotel there.


Day 3

Dharapani to Lulang

Day 4

Lulang to Gurja Khani via Gurja Pass

Day 4 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 8hours trekking)


Luxury Lodge in Gurja Ghat



Your hike today crosses the 3250m-high Gurja Pass, from which you can see the Mountains with your breath taken away. Descend to the village of Gurja Khani, which is 2650 meters above sea level, from the pass. The walk is difficult and lasts for about 7-8 hours. Settle into your Gurja Khani guesthouse and take the day off to relax.

Day 5

Rest day in Hidden Village. Excursion base of Gurja Himal.

Day 5 Facts


Luxury Lodge in Gurja Ghat

You might spend today, which is a rest day, discovering the remote settlement of Gurja Khani and its surroundings. Also, you can go on an excursion to the Gurja Himal’s base, which is close by and provides breathtaking mountain views.

Day 6

To Lulang

Day 6 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 7hours trekking)


Luxury guesthouse in Lulang



You set off on your journey back to Lulang today, crossing the Gurja Pass once more. The 7-hour trek provides breathtaking views of the Mountains. At Lulang, check into your guesthouse and take the day off.

Day 7

Return to Darbang

Day 7 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 7 hours Drive to Darbang)

You set out on your walk back to Darbang today to complete your journey. You pass through picturesque landscapes and tiny communities on the 6-7-hour journey. Reach Darbang, the destination of your journey.

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