Indigenous People Trail

Trip Facts


Duration 8 Days


Difficulty Easy

The Indigenous People Trail trek is the ideal way to get a sense of the real Nepalese spirit. The trail travels through a number of settlements and villages where you can get a glimpse of village life. Throughout this walk, you will pass through the Newar, Tamang, Sherpa, Majhi, and Thami communities. One can leave feeling content and motivated after looking at their daily activities and art of surviving. Although culture and custom are changing, each site you visit will immediately make up for it with friendly hospitality and the good environment.

You will learn about the best possible fusion of Buddhism and Hinduism within this little time. You may see them all, from the shrines where people pray to the ancient customs. You can experience the genuine splendor of these locations by strolling along the trail and going on brief hikes. Every location along the trail, from the open farmlands to the summit of Sailung (3126 m), will exhibit a distinct ethnicity.

Your daily fatigue is reduced by the breathtaking vistas of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and the Kanchenjunga peaks in the east. One could learn about Nepal’s actual unity in diversity by strolling down the route that the locals built themselves.

Similarly, this walk is ideal for beginners due to the flat height of the sites. This hike offers a full cultural holiday for tourists since it strikes the perfect mix between nature and culture. This hike is accessible year-round. Extraordinary experiences can be had between September and May, when most festivals take place. Be ready for an incredible adventure of a lifetime with the help of our local guides.


The moderate Indigenous People Trail walk takes you through some of central Nepal’s culturally diverse regions. With natural and scenic wonders nearby, this trail highlights the culture, way of life, religion, and general identity of several Nepali tribes.

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  • Discover the genuine Nepali spirit.
  • Passes through numerous towns and villages.
  • See glimpses of Newar, Tamang, Sherpa, Majhi, and Thami communities’ villages.
  • Study the Hinduism and Buddhism fusion of culture.
  • See how culture and tradition are evolving.
  • Through the villagers, take the roads you’ve created.
  • Reside in homes operated by locals.
  • Sample the food of the region and learn about native Nepalese culture.
  • suitable for novices and lone travelers.
  • Nature and culture in harmony.
  • The full cultural experience of the area.
  • Extraordinary encounters from September to May.


Day 1

Drive to Dhunge from Kathmandu and trek to Sailung (Khola Kharka

Day 1 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 06hours Drive )





From Kathmandu, the tour begins with a drive to Dhunge. Once in Dhunge, the walk to Sailung (Khola Kharka), which is at a height of 2950m, begins. Depending on the speed, the journey may take 5 to 6 hours.

Day 2

Explore to Thulo Sailung & Rajveer Environs.

Day 2 Facts



The day is set aside for exploring Rajveer and Thulo Sailung Environments. The tourists can spend a leisurely day exploring the neighborhood and mingling with the residents.

Day 3

Trek to Surkey

Day 3 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 06hours trekking )





The third day of the walk takes hikers to Surkey, which is 1840 meters above sea level. The journey may take five hours, and tourists can take in the beautiful scenery along the way.

Day 4

Trek to Doramba

Day 4 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 04hours hiking)



The goal of the fourth day of the journey is to arrive in Doramba, which is 2055 meters above sea level. The 4-hour hike is moderately challenging.

Day 5

Trek to Khandadevi

Day 5 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 04hours trekking)



On the fifth day, the walk continues to Khandadevi, a 2000-meter-high location. Travelers can take in the stunning scenery as they hike for about 5 hours.

Day 6

Trek to Hiledevi/Dongme

Day 6 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 04 hours trekking)



Day 6 of the walk sees the hikers continuing in the direction of Hiledevi/Dongme, which is located at an elevation of 1980m. The trip lasts about four hours, and tourists can take in the beautiful scenery along the route.

Day 7

Trek to Lubughat

Day 7 Facts

Trekking Time Average

(Average 04hours hills trekking)



The trekkers reach Lubughat on day 7, which is located at an elevation of 820m. The hike lasts about four hours, and tourists may take in the area’s breathtaking scenery.

Day 8

Drive to Kathmandu via Dhulikhel.

Day 8 Facts


Luxury Hotel in Kathmandu

The final day of the trek involves a drive through Dhulikhel to Kathmandu. When driving, tourists can take in the wonderful scenery and bring back lovely trek memories.

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