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Khaptad National Park Trekking – 9 Days

Trip Facts


Weather -3°C to 23°C View Weather Detail


Duration 9 Days


Difficulty Easy

Best Season

Best Season Sept, Oct, Nov, March, April & May

At Buditola, which is located in the Doti area, the Khaptad National Park Trekking route begins. In a similar vein, it is a secluded region of Nepal where you may see indigenous life.

You pass through little villages, lush meadows, and dense forests on the walk. You will have the opportunity to learn about the regional culture and way of life. Rhododendrons, orchids, Himalayan black bears, leopards, and musk deer are just a few of the various plants and animals that may be found in the Khaptad National Park.

The trip to Khaptad Lake, a stunning lake that the people revere, is one of the highlights of this excursion. The lake has a tranquil atmosphere and is bordered by lovely meadows and trees.

Anyone with a basic level of fitness can complete the journey because it is moderate in difficulty. The walk lasts about 7-8 days to complete. The optimum months to hike this trail are March through May and September through December.


The Khaptad National Park Hiking is a terrific way to discover the natural beauty of Nepal and experience its culture. For those seeking an adventure in the western part of Nepal, it provides a distinctive and off-the-beaten-path trekking experience.

In the far-western region of Nepal, there is a protected area called Khaptad National Park. It includes the four districts of Bajhang, Bajura, Achham, and Doti in the region. Its area is 225 sq km, and its elevation ranges from 1400 m to 3300 m.

On the recommendation of the local holy priest Khaptad Baba, the park was built in 1984. In 2006, a 216 sq km-large buffer area was established. According to legend, Khaptad Baba relocated there to practice meditation in the 1940s. He lived alone for around 50 years before becoming a revered saint. The Khaptad Baba Ashram. located near the park’s office is a prominent sacred place for Hindus.


Khaptad National Park Trekking is a popular trekking destination located in the far-western region of Nepal. This trek is named after the Khaptad National Park, which is spread over an area of 2,330 square kilometers and is known for its unique blend of culture and natural beauty.

Flora and Fauna at Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park is located in the far-western region of Nepal and is known for its unique flora and fauna. Here are some of the species you can find at Khaptad National Park:


  • Rhododendron: Khaptad is home to over 23 species of rhododendron, including the national flower of Nepal, Rhododendron arboreum.
  • Oak: There are several species of oak trees found in Khaptad, including the Quercus lanata and Quercus semecarpifolia.
  • Pine: The park also has several species of pine trees, including Pinus roxburghii and Pinus wallichiana.
  • Fir: Khaptad has a good population of fir trees, including Abies spectabilis and Abies pindrow.


  • Himalayan black bear: Khaptad is home to the Himalayan black bear, which is a critically endangered species.
  • Barking deer: The park has a good population of barking deer, also known as muntjacs.
  • Wild boar: Wild boars are found in Khaptad and can be seen grazing in the meadows.
  • Leopard cat: The leopard cat is a small wild cat that is found in the park.
  • Musk deer: The park is also home to the Himalayan musk deer, which is an endangered species.
  • Red panda: Although rare, the red panda is occasionally spotted in Khaptad National Park.
  • Apart from these, the park also has a rich birdlife, including species like the impeyan pheasant, white-throated laughingthrush, and Himalayan monal.

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Nepal Alternative Treks is one of the reputed company in travelling and trekkin line. We have been providing services to many tourist for about a decade now. Moreover, we are also, specialized in the National Park and Wildlife tours in Nepal. So, your, 9 days Khatad National Park tour with Nepal Alernatives is going to be very memorable. As our guides are very friendly and know how to handle tough situations.

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  • Get to the far western region of Nepal
  • Visit to one of the best national parks of Nepal.
  • The Khaptad National Park Trekking is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Nepal
  • Walk  through dense forests, beautiful meadows, and small villages



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-1°C to 12°C
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12°C to 23°C
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2°C to 14°C
-2°C to 10°C


Day 1

Kathmandu to Dhangadhi

Day 1 Facts

Trekking Time Average

30 minutes


Hotel in Dhangadhi



Take a flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi, a city in the Far-Western Region of Nepal. Spend the day exploring the city and preparing for the trek.

Day 2

Drive to Silgadhi

Day 2 Facts

Trekking Time Average

190km./09 hours drive


Hotel in Silagdhi


( 762m.2,500 ft.)

Take a bus or jeep from Dhangadhi to Silgadhi, the starting point of the trek. The journey takes around 8-9 hours

Day 3

Trek to Khaptad National Park

Day 3 Facts

Trekking Time Average

14km./05 hours walk


Campping at Bichpani


( 2743m./9,000 ft.)

Trek from Silgadhi to the Khaptad National Park entrance gate, where you’ll need to register and pay the entrance fee. Continue trekking to Bichpani, a beautiful meadow, and camp there for the night.

Day 4

Trek to Upper-Doti

Day 4 Facts

Trekking Time Average

14km./05 hours walk


Campping at Upper Doti


(2743m/9,000 ft)

Trek through the beautiful forest of rhododendron and oak to the Upper-Doti region, known for its panoramic views of the Himalayan range.

Day 5

Trek to Khaptad Lake

Day 5 Facts

Trekking Time Average

15km./05 hours walk


Homestay at
Khaptad lake


(3414m/11,200 ft)

Trek to Khaptad Lake, a sacred site for both Hindus and Buddhists. The lake is surrounded by beautiful meadows and forests.

Day 6

Trek to Saunthala

Day 6 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km./06 hours walk


Campping at Saunthala


(2,987m/9,800 ft)

Trek to Saunthala, a village located on the southern side of Khaptad National Park. The village is known for its ancient temple of Lord Shiva and the panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Day 7

Trek to Jhigrana

Day 7 Facts

Trekking Time Average

14km./05 hours walk


Homestay at Jhigrana


(2,530m/8,300 ft )

Trek from Saunthala to Jhigrana, a beautiful village located on the western side of Khaptad National Park. The village is known for its traditional culture and hospitality.

Day 8

Trek to Silgadhi

Day 8 Facts

Trekking Time Average

15km./05 hours walk


Lodge in Silgadhi



Trek from Jhigrana to Silgadhi, where you’ll spend the night before returning to Dhangadhi the next day.

Day 9

Drive to Dhangadhi - Fly back to Kathmandu

Day 9 Facts

Trekking Time Average

06 hours drive/30 minutes flight



You will drive to Dhangadhi bus/jeep and fly to Kathmandu.

What do you get in the Trip?


  • Tribhuwan international airport transfer ( Airport + Hotel + Airport )in Kathmandu .
  • All meals ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with tea/coffee) during the trip.
  • All camping gear and kitchen utensils during the trek
  • One experienced, first aid trained, fluent English speaking, local language speaking, friendly and government authorized trekking guide, a cook, kitchen helpers and porters to carry all the food and trekking gear.
  • Kathmandu – Dhangadhi and return flights with airport taxes.
  • All necessary Khaptad national park permits.
  • Guide and staff’s food, accommodation, salary and insurance etc .
  • Government tax, vat and office service charges.
  • Public liability insurance etc.
  • Hotel accommodation and meals in Kathmandu.
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as tea/coffee, coke, fanta, mineral water, beer, desert, hot shower, hot water, battery charge, laundry, phone bill, bar bill etc.
  • Personal Travel insurance.
  • Tips for guide and porters .( Highly suggested).

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