Singla Pass Ganesh Himal Trekking

Trip Facts


Duration 6 Days


Difficulty Moderate

For those seeking an alternative to the more well-known experiences, there is the Ganesh Himal Singla Pass Trek. The obvious reasons to trek this area are its stunning natural scenery, charming mountainside settlements, and the friendly Highlanders.

Also, there are many different types of plants and animals in this area. The months of September through November as well as February through June are the finest times to visit this area. In fact, this region’s low elevation makes it a year-round excursion. The route begins in Kathmandu and goes all the way to Balche. A small town called Balche is situated on the northern and southern limits of the Rasuwa District and the Nuwakot District, respectively. Balche, which is roughly 30 km north of Trishuli, is a town with a sizable bazaar.


Northwest of Kathmandu in Central Nepal is where you’ll find Ganesh Himal. This is one of the less traveled spots where hikers haven’t left many tracks yet. Although a variety of other ethnic groups live in the area, the Tamang community makes up the majority of the population.


The Singla Pass is about 4200 meters above sea level. It offers an amazing vista of the snow-covered summits of the Himalayas. Between Kathmandu and Pokhara, there are three groupings of peaks: Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and the Manaslu, which also includes the Annapurna Range.

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  • One of the top trekking routes in the heart of Nepal is this one.
  • abundant plant and animal life, stunning village settings, and the kind people of the mid-hills.
  • Sing La Pass (4050m), Pangsang Pass (3850m), and Mangni Pass are all crossed.
  • Views of the Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Boudha Himal, Hiunchuli, and other snow-capped summits are breathtaking.
  • experiencing a wide variety of spectacular wildlife and birds, including over 300 different bird species and unique animals like the Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Himali Thar, Wild Yak, Musk Deer, and Wild Boar.
  • Tamang people’s traditional and historical experiences.


Day 1

Kathmandu to Bhalche

Day 1 Facts

Trekking Time Average

8-9hrs Trek


Luxury Lodge in Bhalche



In Kathmandu, a driver will pick you up from your accommodation and take you north. You will pass through the Trishuli Valley during the journey, which offers stunning views of hills, valleys, and rivers. You will arrive in Bhalche, a little settlement at an elevation of 1900 meters, after a few hours. A lodge stay for the night.

Day 2

Bhalche to Gongka Kharka

Day 2 Facts

Trekking Time Average

6hrs Hike


Luxury Lodge in Gongka Kharka



You will pass through picturesque woodlands and tiny villages on your walk today. You will over a number of suspension bridges as you walk along the Budhigandaki River. There will be multiple river crossings along the up-and-down track. You will eventually arrive in Gongka Kharka, a stunning location surrounded by mountains, after walking for almost 6 hours. A lodge stay for the night.

Day 3

Trek to Rupchet Kharka (3400m) via Singla Pass (4045m)

You will make the ascent today to the trek’s highest point, Singla Pass (4045m). Given that it will take you about 6-7 hours to reach the peak, you will start early in the morning. Although the walk is difficult and steep, the vistas are worthwhile. From the peak, you can see the Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Manaslu ranges in their entirety. After relaxing and taking in the scenery, you will make your way down to Rupchet Kharka. A lodge stay for the night.

Day 4

Trek to Machet Kharka (3500m) via Sing La Pass (4000m)

Today’s trek will take you through the Sing La Pass (4000m), another beautiful pass of the trek. The trail is steep and challenging, but the views are worth the effort. You will see the stunning views of the Ganesh Himal range from the top. After crossing the pass, you will descend towards Machet Kharka. Overnight stay in a lodge.

Day 5

Trek to Sertung /Chalish (1900m)

Today’s trek will take you through beautiful forests and small villages. You will pass through several suspension bridges and cross the river several times. After walking for about 6 hours, you will reach Sertung/Chalish, a small village located at an altitude of 1900m. Overnight stay in a lodge.

Day 6

Drive to Kathmandu (1300m)

Today, you will drive back to Kathmandu, which will take around 8-9 hours. You will pass through beautiful hills and valleys, and you will also see the beautiful views of the Trishuli River. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you will be transferred to your hotel. End of the trip.

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