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17 Days Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trekking

Trip Facts


Duration 17 Days


Difficulty Moderate

Trekking in this newly opened trail 17 Days Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trekking starts with a picturesque drive from Kathmandu to Machhakhola. Then, a series of ascent and descent along the bank of the Budhi Gandaki takes you to Chhokangparo via Jagat, Lokpa, and Chumling. At Chhokangparo, you visit the ancient nunnery of Rachen Gompa and explore the sacred cave of Milarepa before you reach Mu Gompa. The trail traces back to Lokpa from Mu Gompa to join the Manaslu circuit.

You walk past various ethnic settlements like Ghap and Dharmashala to reach Larkya La Pass. The Larkya La Pass (5160 m) is the highest point of this trek and affords you the astounding view of the glittering peaks of Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh, Him Chuli, and many others. Finally, the trail descends from Larkya La pass along the Marsyandi River to Dharapani from where you drive to Kathmandu via Besisahar.

This is a strenuous trek, but acclimatization days help to make your trip comfortable. You require the restricted area permits for Manaslu and Tsum, along with Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit for this trek. Like many of the high altitude treks in Nepal, spring and autumn are the best time to explore this area.


17 Days Tsum Valley and Manaslu trek will offer you chances to immerse in the splendor of Mother Nature. Along with this, you get to learn about the unique lifestyle of Tibetan people, ancient traditions, and cultural divinity of the Gurung community. This trek renders you the experience you’ve never gained before.

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  • Trek around the foothills of Mt. Manaslu (8163 m), the eighth-highest mountain in the world.
  • Amazing backdrop view of  Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha himal .
  • Cross the Larkya La Pass, the longest mountain pass in Nepal.
  • Visit ancient Buddhist Gompas (monasteries), including Rachen Gompa.
  • Understand the unique lifestyle and culture of the Tibetan and Gurung people.
  • Explore the dramatic landscapes and natural beauty of the Tsum valley.


Day 1

Drive to Machha Khola

Day 1 Facts

Trekking Time Average

180km/ ( Av.10 hours)


Larke Peak Hotel


(869m. /2867ft.)

Your exciting journey starts with a bus drive along the Prithvi Highway from Kathmandu. A smooth drive on a black-topped road takes you to Dhading Bensi from where the road turns upward to Gola Bhanjyang and then slopes down to Ankhu Khola. At Arughat, you cross the Budhi Gandaki River and drive further to reach Sotikhola. We further drive two hours and reach Machhakhola finally. This ten-hour long drive rewards you with scenic villages, rivers, terraced farms, and a good view of Mount Manaslu and Ganesh. Overnight stay at machhakhola.

Day 2

Trek to Jagat

Day 2 Facts

Trekking Time Average

20km Uphill hike
(Av.07 hours)


New Mongolian Cottage


(1410m. /3990ft)

After breakfast, you follow the upstream trail to the small village of Khola Bensi. As you continue further, you encounter the natural hot springs at Tatopani. Then, you cross a suspension bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River and walk past the landslide area to reach Dobhan. Again, you cross a suspension bridge over Yaru Khola and climb the stone stairs at Thado Bharyang. The ascending path finally leads you to the beautiful village of Jagat. You enter the Manaslu Conservation Area, which requires you a special conservation area permit. Overnight in Jagat.

Day 3

Trek to Lokpa

Day 3 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours)


Lokpa Guest House


(2240m. /6339ft.)

Today, you’ll walk through the protected territories of the Manaslu conservation area. Starting along the bank of the Budhi Gandaki, you walk past the attractive settlements of Salleri, Sirdibas, and Philim. As you trek further, the trail branches off into two at Ekle Bhatti, where you choose the trail to Tsum valley. You keep climbing along the bank of Budhi Gandaki, encounter a waterfall on the way, and finally reach Lokpa. Lokpa is the first village in Tsum valley that affords you the spectacular view of the Manaslu range, including Himalchuli and Boudha Himal. Overnight in Lokpa.

Day 4

Trek to Chhokangparo

Day 4 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours)


New Milarepa Hotel


(3010m. /9933ft.)

From Lokpa, you follow the descending trail to the Lungwa River and then walk uphill to Gumling through the dense rhododendron and pine forests. Then, you cross Syar Khola and reach the village of Chumling. On the way to Chumling, you can enjoy a clear view of Baudha Himal and Ganesh Himal.

Mani Dhungyur and Gurwa Gompa are some impressive monasteries in Chumling that draws the attention of every trekker. From Chumling, you continue your trek to Chhokang Paro as you cross several streams. Chhokang, a part of the upper Tsum valley, offers you an excellent view of Shringi Himal (7161 m). The warm hospitality of local people with Tibetan tea will be a memorable experience for you.

Day 5

Head to Mu Gompa

Day 5 Facts

Trekking Time Average

15km Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours)


Gumpa Lodge


(3800 m. /10754ft.)

The trail scales up from Chhokangparo along the side of Shiar Khola to Rachen Gompa, an ancient nunnery of Tsum valley. As you continue your trek, you see people busy on their farms. After passing Lamagaon, you encounter a Piren Phu/ Milarepa cave adorned with colorful prayer flags. The walls of this cave have ancient Buddhist paintings and arcane scripts that mark the socio-religious importance of this cave.

After exploring the cave, you continue to walk past the villages of Nile and Chule and finally reach Mu Gompa. Mu Gompa the largest monastery in the area with hundred monks living there. The evening prayer at the Mu Gompa monastery is something certain to delight. Overnight in Mu Gompa.

Day 6

Excursion day to Mu Gompa

Day 6 Facts


Gumpa Lodge

Today, you roam around the Mu Gompa area, exploring the natural beauty and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere and spiritual bliss. This place offers you beautiful views of the mountain peaks, and there are beautiful pastures to walk through. A day of acclimatization helps you to adapt to the high altitude and thin air. Overnight in Mu Gompa.

Day 7

Trek to Chhokangparo

Day 7 Facts

Trekking Time Average

18km Down/Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours)


New Milarepa Hotel


(3010m. /9933ft.)

Today, you retrace the path back to Chhokangparo via Rachen Gompa. You walk past the monasteries, villages, terraced farms, and reach the Milarepa cave. From there, you continue to the monastery of Rachen Gompa. Then, you follow the trail along the bank of Sotikhola to reach Chhokangparo. Overnight in Chhokangparo.

Day 8

Head to Lokpa

Day 8 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km Down/Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours)


Lokpa Guest House


(2240m. /6339ft.)

Today, you leave Chhokangparo to walk along the familiar trail to Lokpa. Bidding goodbye to the beautiful people of Chhokangparo and impressive monasteries in the village, you walk on the downhill trail to reach Chumling. Chumling looks attractive at the backdrop of Baudha and Ganesh Himal. As you leave Chumling, you cross Syar Khola and reach Gumling, from where the trail descends to the Lungwa river. Then, you walk along the ascending trail and reach at Lokpa. Overnight in Lokpa.

Day 9

Trek to Ghap

Day 9 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours)


Lodge in Ghap


(2380m. /7808ft.)

After breakfast, you leave Lokpa and cross a bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River to reach Nyak. Then, you enter a narrow gorge. After a series of ascent and descent, you again cross a suspension bridge to reach Nupri. You tread through the bamboo forest to reach Deng, an attractive Gurung village. The Shringi Himal (7161 m) looks magnificent in the north as you walk past the Mani walls and crosses the bridges over the Budhi Gandaki. Finally, you stop at Ghap for an overnight stay.

Day 10

Trek to Lho

Day 10 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km Uphill hike
(Av.06 hours )


Majestic Guest House


(3180m. /10494ft.)

As you leave Ghap, you walk on a steep trail through the bamboo and rhododendron forest, cross streams a couple of times, and then reach Namrung. From Namrung, you continue to walk past the village of Sho, several Mani walls, and a landslide area to reach the attractive village of Lho. The village of Lho affords you the stunning views of Manaslu (8163 m), Himal Chuli (7983 m), Ngadi Chuli (7971 m), and other surrounding mountain peaks. Overnight in Lho.

Day 11

Trek to Sama Gaun

Day 11 Facts

Trekking Time Average

13km Uphill hike
(Av.05 hours )


Manaslu Hotel


(3360m. /11024ft.)

After breakfast, you follow the ascending trail on the right side of the Budhi Gandaki River while enjoying the excellent view of Mt. Manaslu and other mountain peaks. You walk through the rhododendron forest, pass several small monasteries and Mani walls before you reach Shyala, an attractive village relying on yaks and potato farms. Then, you cross a bridge over Numla Khola, descend to the broad valley, and walk past the small settlements to reach Sama village. Overnight  in Sama Gaun.

Day 12

Acclimatization day/ Exploring around

Day 12 Facts


Manaslu Hotel

The rest day allows you to adapt to the high altitude and cope up with the thin air. Besides, you’ll have time to explore the natural as well as the cultural beauty of Sama Gaun. A side trip to Birendra Lake or Pungyen Gompa can be exciting. The evening prayers at a nearby gompa can be a delightful experience enough to solace make peace in your heart and mind. Overnight Stay in Sama Gaun.

Day 13

Trek to Samdo

Day 13 Facts

Trekking Time Average

10km Uphill hike
(Av.04 hours )


Zambala Guest House


(3780m. /12402ft.)

After breakfast, you descend to the Budhi Gandaki River and then climb up the trail that leads to Birendra Lake and Manaslu Base Camp. Then, you walk through the forested hills on an easier track to Kermo Kharka. The trail climbs further, and you cross a wooden bridge over the Budhi Gandaki before you reach Samdo. The Samdo peaks shine like a diamond on the northern horizon. Besides, the glacial basin to the east and Syacha Glacier to the north of Sama Valley makes a spectacular view. Overnight in Samdo.

Day 14

Trek to Dharmasala

Day 14 Facts

Trekking Time Average

10km Uphill hike
(Av.04 hours)


Larke Peak Guest House/Zambapa Guest House


(4200m. /13780ft.)

In the morning, you walk amid the green fields of Samdo village and cross the Budhi Gandaki for the last time at Larkya Bazaar. Then, the Syacha Glacier comes into sight. You climb up the trail and enter the narrow gorge towards the Larkya Glacier. You continue to walk until you reach Dharmashala from where you can relish the charming view of Larke Peak (6249 m) and Naike Peak (6211 m). Overnight in Dharmashala.

Day 15

Trek to Bimtang

Day 15 Facts

Trekking Time Average

15km Up/downhill hike
(Av.08 hours )


Punker Cottage House


(2200m. /7218ft.)

The most challenging section of the Manaslu trek is ahead of you. You leave Dharmashala early in the morning and climb up a ridge that leads you to the moraine of Larkya Glacier. As you trek a little further, you’ll see arrays of beautiful frozen lakes shining like a huge diamond stone. Walking through Larkya La Glacier, you reach Larkya La Pass, the longest mountain Pass in Nepal. The top of the pass affords the most stunning view of Cheo Himal, Himlung, Gyaji Kung, Kangguru, and Annapurna II. From, the pass you descend to Dangboche Kharka and follow the trail to attractive Bimthang valley via Salpudanda Glacier. Overnight in Bimthang.

Day 16

Trek to Tilje

Day 16 Facts

Trekking Time Average

16km downhill hike
(Av.06 hours)


Lodge in Tilje


(2100m. /6930ft.)

After breakfast, you walk through the icy glaciers and then finally descend to an easier trail along the forested hills of rhododendron, oak, and pines. The trail slopes down further to reach Kharche via Hampuk and Sangure Khare and Guha. Then, you walk past the Gurung settlements of Tilije. Overnight in Tilje.

Day 17

Trek to Dharapani - Drive to Kathmandu

Day 17 Facts

Trekking Time Average

3km/01 hour walk/
210km./08 hours drive



After breakfast, a short trek to Dharapani then you catch a jeep  at Dharapani and drive along the bumpy road to Besisahar. The ride can be a little rough but rewards you with the beautiful views of mountains, hilly settlements, cultivated fields, and fantastic landscape. After driving for four hours, continue drive to Kathmandu to end your incredible journey by bus. This drive will be comfortable than the drive from Dharapani to Besisahar as you’ll drive on a smooth black-topped road today. After five hours, you’ll reach Kathmandu and finally have some time to take rest after a 17 Days long trek.

What do you get in the Trip?


  • Tribhuwan International Airport transfer ( Airport – Hotel – Airport)   in Kathmandu  .
  • All meals during the trekking (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • Lodge accommodation ( Twin share basis) during the trekking.
  • One experienced, well trained, fluent English speaking, friendly, specialized in Tsum and Manaslu trekking region and government authorized trekking guide and required porters ( One porter for two persons)
  • Guide and porter’s food, accommodation, salary, insurance, transportation and equipments.
  • Overland transport as per mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Manaslu special permit, Tsum valley special permit, ACAP ( Annapurna conservation area project) and MCAP ( Manaslu conservation area project).
  • A trekking map, duffel bag, Oxygen saturation check up everyday, Water purification, first aid medical, company t-shirt and trekking company certificate.
  • Assistance for emergency rescue evacuation.
  • Government tax and service charge.
  • Public Liability Insurance.

What's Not Included

  • Hotel accommodation and meals in Kathmandu.
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as tea/coffee, coke, fanta, mineral water, beer, hot shower, battery charge, boiled water , phone bill and laundry. .
  • Personal Travel insurance.
  • Tips for guide and porters.( Highly suggested ).

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Traveler Reviews

The 22 days I spent with Lea on the Manaslu/Tsum valley trek were a wonderful experience ! Thanks so much for the good advising by Tej to choose this route. For those who like to explore Nepal from its rice-fields to forests, steep valleys, long bridges, steep climbs and the beautiful mountains. You will ove it ! And the monkeys, yaks, mules, eagles, mountain goats and various birds bring a lot of excitement to our journey . And last but not least : Thanks to Nauser for the wonderful time !


Regula Rauscher

Scharenstrasse 17, 3014, Bern Switzerland
We did the Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley. We spent a great time in the beautiful mystery tsum valley and the great nature of Manaslu. We had a very good guide with Nauser, good accommodation and good food. We enjoyed avoiding the crowd of this trek. Thank you Tej and Nauser for Everything!


Lea odermatt

Huebboden 9, ch 6370 cberdaf, Switzerland

Additional Trip Information

Best time to visit this place

The best time to visit this place is during the autumn and spring season. During this time of the year the climate, temperature, and weather are stable and suitable in Nepal. Besides, if you travel here during this time of the year you will fully enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Therefore, if you travel here during this time then it can double your fun and experience. However, this trek also can be done during the monsoon season.

The difficulty of this trek

This trek is an 18-day long trek. So, if you are a new trekker then it is going to be very hard for you. However, if you decide to trek here then a local guide is very important. Similarly, the Everest region is a very high-altitude trekking region. So, if you are not careful enough then you might fall victim to altitude sickness. Altogether, this trek is very difficult so make sure that you are fully prepared for its challenge.

Travel insurance

Your travel insurance is one of the most important things that you should carry during your travel with us. If you don’t have your travel insurance with you then we are afraid that we cannot cooperate with you. In addition, to all that make sure that your travel adventure and trekking insurance above 4000m is covered. Similarly, make sure that your insurance policy covers all your hospital bills in case something bad happens to you during the trek.

Meals and Accommodation

We only provide meals and accommodation during the time of your trek. However, we don’t provide soft hard drinks, beers, and other alcoholic products. Because we understand that these things can hamper your tour. Instead, we provide you with healthy local and western food which can benefit you during your trek.

Required Permits

ACAP : NPR. 3000 for foreigners and NPR 1000 for SAARC.

MCAP : NPR 3000 for foreigners and NPR 1000 for SAARC.

Manaslu Special permit: USD 100 Sept – Nov and USD 15 beyond 1 week
USD 75 Dec-Aug and USD 10 beyond 1 week

Tsum Valley Special permit : USD 40 Sept – Nov and USD 7 beyond 1 week
USD 30 Dec – Aug and USD 7 beyond 1 week

Note: Child below 10 years are free

Fitness and Experience Requirement

This trek is one of the hardest trekking routes in Nepal. Even some of the most experienced trekkers find it hard sometimes to travel through these treks. So, you have to be very experienced for this trek. Similarly, you have to be physically fit for this trek. If you have some health issues, then it will be next to impossible for you to travel or complete this trek. Likewise, make sure that you do a full body checkup before heading toward the trek. This will be beneficial for you.

Climate and weather

You will find the perfect climate for the trek is during the autumn and spring season. However, you will find perfect weather during the monsoon seasons as well. If you decide to do trekking here during this time of the year then you will be able to travel with clear visibility and you can enjoy your time here. You are going to travel very high altitudes during the trek. So, making sure you do it at a perfect time can double your experience and have fun. Furthermore, if you travel here during this season then you will be able to travel in a clear sky.

Safety and security

Safety and Security of our people are important factors for our company during the trek. Similarly, we take full care of our consumer and their property. Similarly, our trip constantly operates monitoring every area of our travel. So, don’t worry about a single thing and enjoy your time with us.

Gear List

Gears required for the trek vary upon destination and season. A comprehensive list of gear for all activities is listed on our dedicated page of Trekking Gear List

Asked Questions

We value
Service Excellence

We have the best team and array of services to provide a lifetime experience to all our travelers. Right from the airport pickup to a customized tour, we do the utmost to make sure you experience a hassle-free trip. Likewise, all our trips meet the safety protocols along with the highest health and hygiene standards.

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