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Beginning our stride into the September of 2008, Nepal Alternative Treks was established with a clear goal right from the get-go. As Tej Bahadur Gurung took charge of the company, we started to design creative itineraries and operate them with unreal flexibility. Likewise, the standard of the services and authenticity of the trips was, never is, nor will be compromised. We believe this is what separates us from the crowd of travel operators in Nepal.

At Nepal Alternative Treks, we are a tight-knit group of local guides and porters equipped with proper training and skills. This has helped us garnish our trips with unique originality when we carry out our operations. Our staff members have over 21 years of experience and know the land like the back of their hand. Similarly, we also prioritize offering a unique touch of hospitality with local etiquette and norms. Thanks to these inventive approaches in our operations, we can serve thousands of tourists every year. Currently, we have over 1500 tourists who have joined us to explore the riches of Nepal. Also, we hope to increase the number of tourists we serve by 30% or more as we turn the page of the company each year.

We have over 300 trips across Nepal and Bhutan that portray the grand display of natural and cultural wonders of these Himalayan nations.

As such, some of the popular travel options we have are trekking, hiking, peak climbing, expeditions, and various adventure sports. All of these trips have unique characteristics of their own and serve a greater purpose for a large tourist base. From safe transport to comfortable accommodation, we ensure all the services travelers receive are of the highest standard. Moreover, our trips follow a unique trail that are crafted as per the ideas and information from the local guides and porters.

As we continuously look to serve more travelers, our hard works have not gone unnoticed. We have consecutively won the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2023 . This stands evident in the quality we offer and the trust of our clients on us.

With a competent personality as Mr. Gurung at the helm of the company and an equally dedicated workforce, Nepal Alternative Treks is the best travel partner in Nepal.

Join us as we explore and unravel the mysteries of nature and culture in the Himalayas!

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