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Nepal is a paradise for many trekkers and tourists. Some of the best places to visit are to enjoy the natural beauty and adventure and learn about new cultures and traditions. Some visitors trek in different regions of Nepal, whereas many visit to explore or tour some of the best places in Nepal.

Some fantastic places to trek in Nepal are the Everest Base Camp Trek, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Places like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Pokhara are equally famous for cultural and religious tours.

In this blog, we will look at some of the best places to visit in Nepal, whether alone or with the family. Some places you can go for trekking and expeditions while others for motorbike, jeep, and helicopter tours. So let’s get into it.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of Nepal’s most popular trekking destinations. The EBC trek is in the Khumbu region at an altitude of 5,364 meters. Major trekkers visit Everest Base Camp Trek to get closer to the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest. During your EBC trek, you will also see several other mountains. The average EBC trek is from 14 to 15 days, but the itinerary can be curated, and the duration can be added or removed.

Best Places To Visit In Nepal - Everest Base Camp
Best Places To Visit In Nepal 7


  • Get closer to the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.
  • Explore around the Sagarmatha National Park and see different types of rare floras and faunas.
  • Visit Namche Bazaar and explore Hotel Everest View.
  • Climb the fantastic highest elevation of your EBC trek in Kala Patthar.
  • See and stroll around the Khumbu Glacier and Khumbu Icefall.

Places to Visit

Namche Bazaar: One of the most popular places to visit during the EBC trek is Namche Bazaar. It is the gateway to Everest and the capital city of Sherpa. 

Kala Patthar: Kala Patthar is a trendy place to visit during your EBC trek. The highest point of the trek is 5,644 meters. You should go there at sunrise and sunset to see the beautiful mountains in golden light.

Tengboche Village: After leaving Namche Bazaar, you will arrive in Tengboche village. You’ll sleep over and visit the big Tengboche monastery in the morning. From the top, you’ll see tall mountains.

Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is a very elusive trek in Nepal. It was previously known as the Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal, mainly because it was only open to Nepal’s kings, queens, and emperors. The trek was only opened to the public after 1992, and initially, the trekkers were relatively few. However, lately, it has become one of Nepal’s most elusive trekking destinations.

Best Place To Visit in Nepal - Upper Mustang
Best Places To Visit In Nepal 8


  • Explore the majestic rain shadow area of Manang and Mustang.
  • Experience the beauty of the former capital city of the kingdom in Lo-Manthang.
  • Capture the new Tibetian culture, traditions, and rituals during your trek.
  • Get the majestic views of the mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Hiunculi, and Nilgiri.

Places to Visit


Lo Mangthan is the most popular place to visit during your Upper Mustang Trek. Previously known as the capital of the Forbidden Kingdom, it is still untouched by Western influence. Furthermore, many trekkers are intrigued by Buddhist and Tibetan cultures and traditions.

Muktinath Temple:

Another essential place to visit during your Upper Mustang Trek is the Muktinath Temple. Muktinath Temple lies at an altitude of 3800m and is very significant for the Hindus and Buddhist ethnicity. Hindu people consider it the place for worshipping Lord Shiva, and for Buddhists is the first meditation place for Guru Rinpoche.

Tiji Festival

Tiji Festival is an extraordinary festival celebrated in the Upper Mustang region in Nepal. The Tiji Festival is a big celebration in a place called Lo-Manthang. It’s an important festival for the people there. They pray for world peace during this festival.

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is another excellent commercial trekking destination in Nepal. Like the EBC trek, many trekkers from worldwide visit the Annapurna region to explore the fantastic mountain adventure. You will pass through several remote villages, such as Deurali, Sinuwa, Himalaya, etc., and enjoy the Jhinu Danda hot springs.

Best Places To Visit In Nepal - Annapurna base camp
Best Places To Visit In Nepal 9


  • Get some stunning views of the mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, HInchuli, and Nilgiri.
  • Rest your body in the natural hot springs in Jhinu Danda.
  • Meet local Gurung and Manang people and learn about their culture and traditions.

Places to Visit

Jhinu Danda: One of the central and fun places to visit your Annapurna Base Camp Trek is Jhinu Danda. Jhinu Danda is a small hill station where tourists and trekkers often take a break and get soaked in the natural hot springs for relaxation.

Pokhara: Pokhara is a stunning city in Nepal and ranks among the most bustling tourist centers in the country. As the starting point for various treks, the town boasts numerous noteworthy attractions, including Fewa Lake, Davis Falls, Gupteshwor Cave, Mahendra Cave, and more.

Langtang Gosaikunda

The Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is a 16-day hike in Nepal. The trek is more accessible and very beautiful. The Langtang region was damaged by an earthquake in 2015, but it is improving. The trek helps the local people. It is an excellent alternative to other treks in Nepal. You will see forests, mountains, and a sacred lake.

Best Place Toi visit in nepal -Langtang Gosaikunda
Best Places To Visit In Nepal 10


  • Visit Kyanjin Gompa and enjoy delicious cheese.
  • Climb one of the high passes in Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri.
  • Visit the stunning Gosaikuna Lake and learn about new cultures and traditions.
  • Get the majestic views of the fantastic mountain views of Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung, Yala Peak, etc.

Places to Visit

Kyanjin Gompa: It is a popular tourist attraction that you will visit during your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek. The trails pass through yak pastures cascading waterfalls till you climb the summit of 3870m and explore the magnificent monastery in Kyanjin Gompa.

Tsergo Ri: Tsergo Ri is another fantastic point of attraction for anyone exploring the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek. The view from the top is breathtaking.

Gosaikunda Lake: Gosaikunda Lake is one of the pristine natural beauties you will visit during your trek to Langtang Valley. It has five gorgeous lakes with a temple in the middle, making the surroundings stunning.

Tsum Valley

The Tsum Valley is a beautiful mountain region. The people there came from Tibet and spoke their language. When you visit, you can see big mountains like Ganesh Himal. It was hard to visit there before 2008. The people there are very spiritual, and many old buildings are called monasteries. The Tsum Valley has trees, rivers, and caves to explore.

Best place to visit in nepal- tsum Valley
Best Places To Visit In Nepal 11


  • Get closer to the 8th highest mountain in the world, Mt Manaslu.
  • Experience one of the most raw and untouched restricted areas of Nepal.
  • Stunning views of the mountain ranges like Ganesh Himal, Churke Himal, and Poshyop Glacier.
  • Stroll the beautiful forests of pine, juniper, and rhododendron forests.
  • Trek through the mesmerizing Larkya La Pass.

Places to Visit

Hidden Valley: One of the most mysterious places to visit during your Tsum Valley trek is the hidden valley, also known as the Hidden Paradise. It is a place for meditation for monks and has been closed for public trekking for a long time. However, it has become trendy among trekkers who explore the Tsum Valley Trek.

Larkya La Pass:

Larkya La Pass is another stunning attraction you will explore during your trek to Tsum Valley. It is the highest elevation of the trek, at 5,135 m. Since you will be trekking at an altitude of 4000m, you must be wary of altitude sickness.

Best Time To Visit Nepal

If you want to visit Nepal, it is wise to see it at the best time. Generally, two peak seasons in Nepal are Spring and August, whereas two more falls in the off-season. So, let’s look at the breakdown of the best time to visit Nepal month by month.

September, October, and November

In September, October, and November, the rainy season ends, and people start going on treks. It’s not too cold, and the sky is clear. During the day, it’s about 15°C, and at night, it’s not much below zero in the lower parts of the Annapurna Circuit. But as you go up, it gets colder, especially at Everest Base Camp.

December to February

The coldest time is from December to February. It snows a lot in some places but not everywhere. It gets freezing, especially at night. Most cheap hotels in Kathmandu don’t have heating, so pack warm clothes.

March, April and May

The hillsides of the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek burst with pink and white rhododendrons blooming in March and April. As the temperatures rise during this time, the risk of avalanches also increases, causing unexpected trail closures.

June, July, and August

In June, the monsoon season brings muddy trails, leeches, and cloudy mountain views, with common landslides. However, there are still opportunities to enjoy crisp mornings amid the rain. If you plan to travel, it’s best to avoid Nepal’s famous circuits and instead head to Himalayan regions like Manang, Mustang, or Dolpo, which are situated in the rain shadow.

Permits required for visiting Nepal

Nepal is a fantastic place to visit and explore a unique culture and beautiful mountain adventures. However, you must issue some essential permits before exploring Nepal’s trekking and touring regions. Let’s discuss about them.

TIMS (Trekker Information Management System)

The TIMS Card was once an essential card that every trekker carried. However, after the COVID-19 incident, the requirement for the TIMS Card was minimalized. You should still get the TIMS card as it’s one of the essential permits required for the trek.

The price for TIMS Card is Non-SAARC trekker  is NPR 2,000 and for SAARC countries trekker is NPR 1,000. You can only apply for the TIMS Card if you have:

  • entry and exit dates for Nepal
  • trek’s entry and exit points
  • detailed trek itinerary
  • local emergency contact number

National Park Entry Permit 

Every popular high-altitude trek in Nepal goes through a conservation area or a national park. So, to enter that sanctuary area, you must issue an entry permit for the national park/conservation area. You must issue the Everest Base Camp trek’s Sagarmatha National Park entry permit. Likewise, you must issue an Annapurna Conservation Area permit for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The price of all the national parks or conservation areas is a time payment of Rs 3,000.

Restricted Area Trekking Permits

In Nepal, a special permit is required instead of the regular one for trekking in certain areas. Also, trekking fees may be charged daily or weekly, depending on the location. For example, in Upper Mustang, you spend $500 for the first ten days and then $50 for each extra day.


So check out these best places in Nepal, perfect for trekkers, tourists, and adventure-seekers exploring the Himalayas. Several places include Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Tsum Valley Trek, Langtang Gosainkunda, Upper Mustang, etc.

So, if you are planning to visit Nepal but are still trying to figure out where to start, we hope our list has given you some indication of where to start. Furthermore, if you want details on Nepal’s tours and trekking destinations, please check our website or contact us through our email on the homepage.

Does Tsum Valley Trek fall in the restricted region?

Yes, Tsum Valley is a restricted area in Nepal, which means you need a special restricted area permit to explore the region.

What are the best months to visit Nepal for trekking and excursions?

The peak spring and autumn seasons are the best months to visit Nepal for trekking and excursions. Hence, April, May, and October are the best months to trek in Nepal.

What is the highest elevation of Langtang Gosaikunda Lake Trek?

The highest elevation of Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is the Lauribina Pass or Gosaikunda Pass at 4610m.

Are guides compulsory for trekking or touring in Nepal?

Yes, guides have been compulsory in Nepal for any trekking or touring package since April 1, 2023.

How many permits are needed to trek the restricted region of Nepal?

For trekking restricted regions like the Tsum Valley trek, you need three permits: a TIMS card, a National Park / Conservation Area Permit, and a Restricted Area permit.

Tej Bahadur Gurung

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