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Nepal is the best option if you want to undertake well-known high-altitude treks while stepping outside of your comfort zone. The country is known for its stunning highlands and the towering Himalayas. Some of the top high-altitude hiking trails in the world may be found there.

You will encounter some of the world’s tallest mountains on these high-altitude treks in Nepal, which provide thrilling thrills. Take a walk on one of these 10 well-liked high-altitude treks in Nepal that are above 4000 m to get a better view of the high Himalayas.

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Best Trekking in Nepal above 4000 M

Everest Base Camp [5,364 m (17,598 feet)]

Among other difficult high-altitude treks, an excursion to Everest base camp is possibly the most well-liked bundle. You can trek in Nepal’s Solukhumbu district to the region of the highest mountains with the help of EBC Trek.

Your journey starts with a flight to Lukla Airport, which is 17,598 feet above sea level and one of the highest airports in the world. Even the trip to Lukla is exciting and daring. The Himalayan breeze greets you as you exit the aircraft and gives you a glimpse of real mountain life.

Among other difficult high-altitude treks, an excursion to Everest base camp is possibly the most well-liked bundle. You can trek in Nepal’s Solukhumbu district to the region of the highest mountains with the help of EBC Trek.

Your voyage starts with a flight to Lukla Airport, which is 17,598 feet above sea level and one of the highest airports in the world. Even the trip to Lukla is exciting and daring. The Himalayan breeze greets you as you exit the aircraft and gives you a glimpse of real mountain life.

You get a better perspective of the highest mountains, glaciers, and suspension bridges during this high-altitude trek in Nepal. You will come to understand how magnificent life can be as you traverse the tallest suspension bridge. Another standout feature of this high-altitude trek in Nepal is the sunrise view from Kalapatthar. The greatest elevation you will reach on the EBC Trek is Kalapatthar, which is 5,643 meters.

This thrilling location at a high height represents the connection between humanity and the Himalayas. You get to observe Sherpa’s culture and lifestyle in its natural state. The EBC climb, one of the top high-altitude treks in Nepal, will also take you to the Tengboche Monastery, which is one of the tallest monasteries in the country.

Similar to Kathmandu, Namche Bazaar is a fantastic location that is likewise renowned for having one of the world’s highest market towns. It is the intersection of a global marketplace, information hub, retail attraction, and antique market.

Not only that, but you will also visit Khumbu Glacier, the tallest glacier in the world, on this greatest trip above 4000 m in Nepal.

The moderate difficulty of the trek necessitates good physical condition and unwavering will. Choose the Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek if you’re a beginner trek or require a luxurious place to stay. It’s also one of the more difficult treks in Nepal because you have to walk to high altitudes, and altitude sickness is a possibility. Therefore, read a thorough Everest base camp Trek guide before setting out on your adventure and be well-prepared.

Gokyo lake Trek [5,357 m]

A constant supplier of rivers, glaciers, and lakes in the Himalayan region. Gokyo Lake is one such stunning high-altitude freshwater lake. The ideal blue skies, lush surroundings, and blue-white Gokyo lake (5,000 m) provide you with a satisfying high-altitude trekking experience as you trek around the area.

This strenuous trek in the Everest region takes you to the serene, magnificent views of snow-covered landscapes and the unrivaled mountain outlook from Gokyo Ri. Along the route, you get a clear view of the Ngozumpa Glacier, the longest glacier in the Himalayas. The other place you stop at on your way to this lovely valley of Gokyo is Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO-listed heritage site in Nepal.

You will also walk to Chola Pass, which is another thrilling aspect of this high-altitude trek in Nepal (5330 meters). In a similar vein, the enormous ice ridge that runs between Gyachung and Cho Oyu is another draw of this high-altitude mountaineering in Nepal. Sherpas have preserved outstanding insight into their way of life, language, and culture while living in this area. The Everest Gokyo Lake walk thus provides you with an understanding of alpine culture and way of life.

The Gokyo Lake Trek is without a doubt one of the most well-liked high-altitude treks in Nepal. The moderate difficulty of the trek necessitates decent physical condition. It’s also one of the more challenging treks for first-timers.

Everest Three Passes Trek [5,545 m (Kala Patthar)]

One of the toughest climbs in Nepal, the three passes trek leads to the lollipop mountain of Everest. In terms of mountain views and adventures, the walk is both more difficult and rewarding. Due to the distance, it traverses and the challenging high passes along the way, it is also one of the most challenging high-altitude treks in Nepal.

The Three Mountains Trek in Nepal allows treks to traverse three high passes, including Cho La (17,782 ft/ 5,420 m) and Renjo La (17,560 ft/ 5,360 m). It’s thrilling to pass through a glacier at Cho La Pass. Microspikes can help you in this situation. But because Kongma La Pass is the longest, it is challenging and takes more time.

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Before taking off on your trip to Lukla, you pass through a spectacular vista. Then you explore the Everest Round Trek, one of the toughest trekking itineraries, passing through four to six communities each day. Your journey will be accompanied by the whirling of prayer wheels and the waving of prayer flags.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek [4,130 m]

One of the most well-known locations in Nepal for hiking and adventure is Annapurna Base Camp. The clusters of pine and oak trees, the love of rhododendron (Nepal’s national flower) forests, and waterfalls are breathtaking and beyond our wildest dreams. Among the top ten high-altitude treks in Nepal, ABC is a very short, well-traveled, and simple trekking path that incorporates wildlife, varied terrain, and culture.

You witness expansive vistas of the massive Himalayan ranges, including the Annapurna massif and Mt. Machhapuchhre, as you climb to Annapurna Base Camp (fishtail mountain). Additionally, these hiking paths of the highest caliber provide you with numerous perennial rivers and suspension bridges along the way.

Additionally, the trek deserves special notes for the distinctive Gurung settlements of Ghandruk’s traditions. Gurkha troops were originally from Ghandruk, which was settled by Gurung and Magar people. The genuine heritage wealth and outstanding hospitality of thatched buildings are evident in their beauty.

Both the beginning and the end of this low-intensity trek in Nepal are in Pokhara.

Annapurna Circuit Trek [10,107 m]

With the Annapurna Circuit Trek, you can become lost in the tangle of nature, charming farming villages, and Buddhist temples in the middle Nepali Himalayan range. A sacred cultural site for both Hindus and Buddhists, Muktinath is a highlight of this high-altitude journey in addition to the natural wonders. Additionally, the experience of rural life while passing through subtropical woods and alpine meadows helps you fall in love with this difficult walk in Nepal.

For those who enjoy adventure, Thorang La pass is another exhilarating experience. Due to their magnificent deep gorges and high mountain passes, the Annapurna Round Trek is a favorite of many. The magnificent Annapurna (8091m) range is bisected by two significant river valleys, the Kali Gandaki and the Marshyangdi River Valley.

The leading attraction of “The apple capital of Nepal” is Marpha, a charming village with stone walls. Pokhara, the city where the trip begins, is rich in Himalayan and cultural values. This high-altitude trip in Nepal has the feel of a truly elite trek.

Routes to Annapurna Circuit trek

  • Bhulbhule to Nayapul (complete route)
  • Manang to Muktinath (shortest route)
  • Jomsom/Tatopani to Nayapul (combined route)
  • Jagat-Jomsom (standard route)

Manaslu Circuit Trek [5,106 m / 16,752 ft (Larkya La pass)]

A well-liked whole mountain adventure trek up to the eighth-highest mountain in the world is the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The main characteristics of north-central Nepal, typical of off-the-beaten-path treks; distant and wild, are brought out by this altitude trekking in Nepal. The presentation of the Himalayan foothills and lower elevation subtropical vegetation, despite the trek’s potential difficulty, provides excitement.

The less congested trail with lots of teahouses is where the classic Manaslu trek in Nepal takes you. This challenging trek is enhanced by rivers like the Budhi Gandaki, suspension bridges, and steep gorges. As a result, one of Nepal’s underestimated high-altitude trekking routes is the Manaslu Circuit trip.

Soti Khola serves as the starting point while Besisahar serves as the finish line.

Kanchenjunga Trek [4,660m (15,88 feet)]

The Kanchenjunga trek includes base camps that cross the Arun Valley on the mountain’s southern and northern slopes, respectively. This high-altitude hiking route is regarded by tourists as the most picturesque trekking area along the border between Sikkim and Tibet.

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Pretty temperate birch trees, chestnut, and maple forests create distinct experiences that reflect the diverse cultures and environments that surround them. It is impossible to adequately describe the beauty of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world, in words. Terrace farming and traditional settlements of Nepalese natives offer a glimpse of life in the steep Himalayan regions. This high-altitude trek’s general route approaches the Tibetan Refugee Camp.

Additionally, you can witness a variety of plant and animal species when hiking to the location. Here, the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project (KCAP) provides a spectacular illustration of how to preserve the region’s diverse flora and animals. Additionally, treks and people claim to have spotted yetis (Abominable Snowman). So, who knows, when you are on this high-altitude hiking trip in Nepal, you might also see a Yeti.

As soon as you land in Taplejung, the Kanchenjunga Trek begins (via flight from Bhadrapur).

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek [4,748 m]

The Dhaulagiri Circuit trip in the Himalayas is one of the popular high-altitude treks that offers the most expedition-like experiences. It leads you to the high-altitude, rocky, snowy glaciers area surrounded by uninhabited valleys and different scenery since it is one challenging and exciting Himalaya Treks (barren to tender farmland).

Beni is the starting point for the thrilling trek through Himalayan foothills and alpine pastures that leads to close-up views of peaks (above 8,000 m) (a 2-3 hour drive from Pokhara). Even though Annapurna’s high elevation circuit trekking destination is less popular, it is thrilling and energizing at every turn.

Daring experienced mountaineers can also choose to climb Dhampus Peak (6,060 m) as part of the Dhaulagiri expedition. The topography and climate prevent any long-term habitation, however, Magars predominantly inhabit the area.

One of the most difficult high-altitude treks on the Dhaulagiri Circuit begins in Pokhara/Kathmandu and concludes in Jomsom.

Upper Dolpo Trek [4,530 m. to 5,115 m]

Your thirst for a high-altitude trekking trip in Nepal over 4000 M is sated by the Upper Dolpo trek. You are fortunate to have discovered this captivating trekking location because it was off-limits until 1989. The Shey Phoksundo National Park’s upper Dolpo trek was influenced by Tibetan culture. In this remote area, a variety of flora and fauna provide treks with hours of entertainment.

Upper Dolpa is home to Shey Gompa, monasteries, sacred sites, and a unique Bon Buddhist culture. Not to mention that your high-altitude Nepal trek will be more interesting thanks to Saldang (a medieval village), high passes (over 5000 meters), and nomad camps at Dho Tarap (the world’s highest human settlement). Additionally, the area’s diverse landscapes and pure water supply make it one of the more recently popular high-altitude treks in Nepal.

Flying to Jhupal is the starting point of the trek, which ends in Jomsom.

Nar Phu Valley Trek [4,250 m]

You may be looking for the Nar Phu Valley trip if you wish to venture off the beaten path and get lost in the Himalayan mountains. The Nar Phu Valley permits were first provided starting in 2003 AD, which explains why it is a less popular trekking location in Nepal above 4000 m. This challenging trip reveals the Nar Phu Valley locals’ and Tibetan culture’s influence on their way of life.

Your walk is unparalleled because of the amazing landscapes, rock formations, and bracelets of mountains (Annapurna I, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri). You can explore challenging passes in the area, such as Thorong La Pass, by trekking to the valley (5416 meters). In this secret valley, there are a variety of chortens, Buddhist gompas, prayer flag routes, Muktinath treks, and rural communities themselves. Starting in the town of Jomsom, either with Jagat or KOTO, the journey to Nar Phu Valley begins.

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Weather in Nepal

Nepal has four distinct seasons, with the summer monsoon, which lasts from June to September, in its center. With afternoon clouds and rain showers, the monsoon season is oppressively hot. The following monsoon provides relief by bringing a dip in temperature, and the intense rains cause the countryside to bloom.

Winter can be extremely cold in hiking areas, despite being generally clear and stable. While the months of spring experience mild weather, the months of autumn are bright, dry, and fresh following the recent rains.

Every season in this lovely Himalayan nation has its attractions and offers travelers something unique.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The activities you have planned while traveling through Nepal will determine the optimum time to go. The best seasons for treks, climbers, and mountaineers to visit are fall/autumn and spring. The right weather for mountain expeditions at this time of year is clear skies and comfortable temperatures.

If you’re on a tight budget, low season, which falls around the monsoon season, maybe a choice. First of all, you might be able to get deals on lodging and tours, plus you won’t have to deal with crowds. Second, monsoon season can be a terrific time to visit if you don’t intend to travel to the Himalayas.

The forests and valleys of Nepal are beautiful in the springtime. Many areas of the nation begin to bloom in March, and the national flower of Nepal, the brilliant pink rhododendron, covers vast swaths of ground. Exploring Buddhist cultural and architectural hotspots, like the Tengboche monastery, is also a terrific idea at this time.

Traveling to Nepal in the winter can be a wonderful experience. This season is ideal for low-altitude treks and vacation photography due to the low humidity and low likelihood of rain.

When to go trekking in Nepal

Avoid the harshest winter months if you’re interested in high-altitude climbs unless you have the proper equipment and are accustomed to cold weather. Heavy snowfall between December and February may make some paths and roads hazardous or impassable.

However, spring and the time leading up to winter bring dry and pleasant weather. For high-altitude excursions to destinations like Annapurna, Everest, or Langtang, certain times of year are ideal.

There are other ways to trek in Nepal besides scaling extremely high terrain. Around the Kathmandu Valley, there are a lot of short, lower-altitude treks that you can go on. You will pass through subtropical vegetation, Nepal chestnut, evergreen oaks, and, of course, rhododendron on a walk up the Phulchowki (Phulchoki) mountain. One of the best locations in Nepal for butterfly and bird watching is this place.

Alternately, you might choose the Champadevi trek and embark on a tour of Tibetan monasteries.

Except for the wet season, these treks are perfect all year long. Always walk in a group when in the Phulchowki forest out of caution; there have been robberies recently. And stay on the pathways; not all anti-personnel mines in this area have been removed; they were planted there during the battle.

Final Say

These high-altitude climbs in Nepal were among the greatest, to sum up. While some are difficult treks that call for previous trekking experience, others are moderate treks. All of these challenging treks in Nepal are above 4000 meters, and they come with concerns like altitude sickness.

Therefore, we advise people to trek with a knowledgeable trekking guide. In addition, there are other additional breathtaking treks in Nepal that are higher than 4000 meters. The aforementioned high-altitude treks, however, are among the most well-liked and excellent high-altitude trekking locations in Nepal.

Tej Bahadur Gurung

With an experience of almost two decades, founder Mr. Tej Bahadur Gurung has established Nepal Alternative Treks as a widely recognized and reliable tourism operator. His degree in Tourism Studies and devotion to the sector has given him in-depth knowledge about trekking, climbing, cultural, and geological aspects of the country. He is a pioneer in introducing the concept of ‘off-beaten tracks’ and ‘alternative routes’ as well as treks and tour packages surrounding it.

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