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A lesser-known trip in the stunning Everest region is the Gokyo Lakes trek. The main features of the journey include the blue glacial Gokyo Lakes, quiet mountain passes, and sweeping mountain views. So, let’s discuss Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost.

You need to set aside the appropriate amount of money prior to embarking on this exciting adventure. As crucial as a training regimen or mental preparedness is proper financial allocation. The price of the Gokyo Lakes trek varies depending on the schedule, lodging, and other fees.

Except for international flight charges and other personal expenses, the majority of the costs will be covered by the travel package. Consequently, buying a top-notch package should be your top priority. The cost of lodging, meals, and transportation are all included in the trekking package.

Most trekking packages do not include additional expenditures like those for travel insurance, gratuities, visas, and international transportation. Even the most basic services like hot water, internet access, charging electronic devices, and others, may have a fee.

Due to the low cost of trekking, Nepal is a preferred destination for those on a tight budget. Are you prepared to embark on the bizarre Gokyo Lakes trek? For a detailed breakdown of the Gokyo Lakes trek’s costs, continue reading and make your reservation right away.

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An explanation of the Gokyo Lakes Trek’s costs

Guide and Porter Cost

Although it is generally advised, hiring a guide and porter is a matter of personal preference. It is difficult to climb the rugged Himalayan landscape for 5 to 6 hours each day while carrying luggage because the trail can become steep and perilous in some spots.

If you require any guidance for the walk, you will receive all the assistance required on the trail. In order to avoid offending the locals, they can also translate for you in their native tongue. Hopefully, this give you some idea on Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost

On the other hand, a porter helps you carry your stuff to the place you want to go while keeping it secure. In the area, some tour guides might also work as porters. In the region, a porter often charges between USD 15 and USD 20 per day, while a guide typically costs between USD 20 and USD 30 per day.

The unwritten but commonly accepted rule is that if you become sick or can’t finish the walk, you’ll have to pay the full cost. You will only be required to pay for the trek that was finished if the guides become unwell or are unable to complete the excursion.

Accommodation cost

The Gokyo Lakes hike passes by tea houses as it travels by. Off-the-beaten-path has made a few attempts, but they only offer a few amenities. Most amenities are available at lower altitude lodges and motels for an additional fee.

As you travel along the path, the amenities become more limited, albeit most packages include the cost of lodging. Several amenities are also included in the cost of lodging. A single night at the tea house costs between $3 and $5 per person. These rooms include a shared bathroom and two beds. Hopefully, this give you some idea on Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost

You could have to sleep in the dining hall if your room is taken. Always make reservations in advance to avoid hassles. To warm up from the chilly weather, the trekkers typically want to lounge near the kitchen oven.

The cozy blanket offered at the tea cafes is adequate. As additional blankets might not be accessible during high seasons, you could alternatively bring a sleeping bag.

Food and Drinks Cost

On the Gokyo Lake trekking, there are tea houses where you may buy simple meals and beverages. Even if the meals aren’t extravagant, they are nevertheless wholesome and nourishing. The price of food and drink rises along with the height.

You can find a variety of foods at more affordable costs in the lower regions. The expense of transportation is increased, which raises the cost of food and meals in the highlands.

The main means of transportation for the food and ingredients are donkeys and yaks. As a result, the prices rose along with the elevation.

Simple bread and toast, a cooked egg, and either tea or coffee make up the morning. Nepalese people typically choose the traditional “dal bhat” cuisine for lunch and dinner, which comprises rice, dal, vegetables, lentils, meat, and pickles.

About $5 to $6 is the overall cost of the dinner. For the entire day, the estimated cost of food is between $15 and $20. Hopefully, this gives you some idea of the Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost

Peach tea, butter tea, mint tea, apple tea, rhododendron tea, herbal tea, and other rare beverages are among the drinks that can be found in the highlands. In the area, hot mushroom and garlic soups are also well-liked, and prices might vary from one teahouse to the next.

These soups keep your body warm in chilly weather. Because bottled water is quite expensive, you should bring a thermos with water purification tablets.

Cost of Transportation (Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu Flight, Jeep Drive)

The primary mode of transportation in the area is the thrilling flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. You can halt at the beautiful mountains and lush Himalayan sceneries of the Everest region after a brief journey. The one-way flight takes 30 to 45 minutes and costs about $150.

The cost also differs depending on whether you travel during the busy or slow seasons. The flight is difficult to reserve, and peak season costs are higher. On the other hand, it is less expensive out of season.

It costs roughly USD 150 for a jeep ride if you wish to make the lengthy drive, or USD 10–12 for a local bus reservation. Many tourists choose to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla since the trip is strenuous and difficult. Hopefully, this give you some idea on Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost

Miscellaneous Costs

There will be a wide range of costs, so you must divide the budget. Miscellaneous costs include, among others.

Tipping Cost

The majority of Nepalese are not accustomed to tipping, and it is not a required norm in Nepal. However, if you enjoy working with the guides and porters in the high Himalayas, feel free to leave a little gratuity. The same rules apply to restaurants and motels as well.

In the mountains, leaving a tip is considered a kind gesture because so many locals will profit from it. The custom is to tip porters and guides separately each day for a total of USD 10 and USD 15, respectively.

Charging Cost

Many devices, including cameras, mobile phones, and other devices, may require charging. In the high Himalayas and other distant locations, charging costs are between USD 2 and USD 5 per hour. However, in cities and at lower altitudes, you won’t need to incur these additional costs.

Wi-fi Connectivity and Sim-card cost

Wi-fi connectivity costs, on average, $2 per hour. Additionally, you could purchase a sim card and other mobile data plans. The NTC and Ncell are the most often used. If you want to use a data package, these sim cards will set you back an additional $1 to $2. Hopefully, this gives you some idea of Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost for wifi.

Water Cost

In the Everest region, a flask of boiling water will run you anything from $1 to $3. It costs USD 1 to purchase bottled water at lower levels and USD 2 to $3 at higher heights.

Trekking is the ideal time to use a reusable water bottle thermos, and you should also bring water purification tablets. For USD 2 to 3, you can use wet wipes or take a hot shower.

Personal Cost

In your budget, you must include a variety of separate expenses. You might want to purchase mementos for your loved ones or to commemorate the trek’s successful conclusion. So setting aside money in your budget for these expenses is essential.

Travel Insurance Cost

If you’re thinking of hiking in the high Himalayas, travel insurance is a necessity. The insurance plans typically only provide coverage up to a height of 4000 meters. Over 5000 meters are reached on the Gokyo Lakes Trek, and

Therefore, you must take care to choose the proper insurance plan that includes the ability for an emergency evacuation and covers above 5000 meters. The typical cost of travel insurance is USD 120 per person. The length of the insurance and the business’s policies both affect the final cost.

Visa Cost

At the Tribhuvan International Airport, you can obtain a visa upon arrival. Before traveling to Nepal, you can apply for a visa online if you want to be well-prepared.

The cost of a visa from the government of Nepal is $15, $40, or $100 for periods of 15, 30, or 90 days. The Department of Immigration of the Government of Nepal has comprehensive information on their official website. Hopefully, this give you some idea on Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost.

Permit Cost

Permits for the TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System) can be obtained in Kathmandu at the Nepal Tourism Board Office. Additionally, a local area permit is required and costs USD 20 per person. An entry permit into Sagarmatha National Park costs USD 30 per person, VAT included.

These licenses are available at the Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu or the Monjo village in the Khumbu. The TIMS permit costs US $10 (for group passengers) and US $20 (for individuals) for foreign nationals (for individual travelers). Hopefully, this give you some idea on Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost.

The TIMS permit costs US $3 (for group passengers) and US $6 (for individuals) for SAARC citizens (for individual travelers).

Trekking Equipment And Gears cost

For the trek, you require a lot of trekking gear. Only essential hiking accessories, such as clothing, a backpack, hiking boots, and others, may be brought along. However, the cost of purchasing this equipment will be higher.

If you wish to save some money, you may also rent these items at several Thamel businesses. Equipment and gear rentals typically cost between USD 1 and USD 10 per day.

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Total Overall Cost

When all expenses are included, the Gokyo Lakes hike will cost between USD 2000 and USD 2500 per person, not including the cost of an international airfare. The Gokyo Lakes Trek is a breathtaking Himalayan adventure that costs a reasonable amount of money.

Few Tips for Saving Money on the Trek

The following are some essential pointers for spending less while trekking to the Gokyo Lakes:

  • If you’re just going to use your trekking gear once, hire it.
  • Purchase a solar charger.
  • Bring snacks with you, such as protein bars and energy drinks.
  • Find a bargain package
  • Pack sensibly and include all the essentials.
  • Cut expenses.
  • Discover how to barter
  • Get a local SIM card so you can stay connected.
  • Carry water purification pills and a water thermos.


To enjoy the walk fully, a pre-planned budget is required. After that, you can spend your time leisurely trekking across difficult terrain and discovering new places.

The Gokyo region has a wealth of priceless natural beauty that has yet to be discovered. The turquoise Gokyo Lakes’ stunning splendor is breathtaking.

The Gokyo Lakes Trek is a fantastic and reasonably priced way to discover the Everest Gokyo region. Hopefully, this gives you some idea of the Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost.

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