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If you’re planning for Annapurna Base Camp trek in May than you should consider looking at this guide before trekking to Annapurna Base Camp. The Spring season starts in May, making it the perfect time to embark on this exciting trekking experience.

The exciting base camp trekking experience will give you memories that will live for a lifetime of some of the best panoramic views of the snow-capped mountain and the perfect atmosphere for trekking.

The Annapurna Base Camp trek is most popular during the Spring season, particularly in May. Many trekkers all around the world like the moderate temperatures and cool days along with slight to no rainfall which makes trekking easier.

Furthermore, during May, you will also have a chance to see rare flora and fauna in the very beautiful Annapurna Conservation Area. So if you want to know more detailed facts about Annapurna Base Camp in May then let’s begin.

Annapurna Base Camp Highlights in May Month

  • Stunning Views of the beautiful mountains like Annapurna South, Annapurna, Hiunchuli and Machapucchre.
  • The breathtaking trekking experience through the Annapurna Conservation Area and Sanctuary.
  • Amazing trek to the Poon Hill viewpoint and beautiful Himalayan sunrise views.
  • Experience local people’s incredible hospitality and services and enjoy local culture, tradition, and rituals.
  • Visit the Annapurna Conservation Area for the chance to see the endangered flora and fauna of the region.
  • Enjoy the view from Jhilke Dada along with Hot Water Springs.

Is May the Best Month for Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

May is undoubtedly the prime month for Annapurna Base Camp Trek, as it is the peak of the Spring season. With the pre-monsoon season still a month away, the chances of rainfall during May are almost negligible. The less rainfall means the paths are easier to trek and slopes are not as slippery as the rainy season. In May, you can expect an incredibly clear atmosphere with absolutely no humidity. This guarantees that your view of the mountains will be nothing short of crystal clear.

In May, the Spring season reaches its peak and the views from all vantage points are mesmerizing. The crystal-clear atmosphere allows for a clear differentiation of every peak, making for an unforgettable experience.

The atmosphere and climate are moderately hotter at lower altitudes but at high altitudes, it is cool which will encourage you to trek as you will enjoy moving forward.

May is also peak season for visiting the Annapurna Conservation Area where you can see many rare flora and fauna in the endangered species. Some special animals like Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, etc are conserved in the sanctuary along with 56 species of rare plants and trees.

Overall, May is considered to be the best month for the ABC Trek along with October which falls in the peak Autumn season.

The temperature of Annapurna Base Camp in May

Annapurna Base Camp is a popular destination for trekkers during May because of the favorable conditions for the trekkers. This is one of the main reasons why trekkers prefer to visit during this time. The May month brings very little chance of rainfall and stable weather conditions with clear blue skies every single day.

Regarding the temperature in May, at the lower altitude the temperature is 20 degree Celsius however at the higher elevation it is considerably lower. The temperature during morning and night is colder and can even drop to 4 to 5 degrees Celsius whereas in day time it rises a little and can reach up to 10 degrees. So you must always have warm clothes to keep you cozy, especially during the morning and night times.

During the afternoon there are frequent high-speed winds that blow up to 10km/hr so packing up windproof jackets can be a smart idea. The high-speed winds make the atmosphere slightly chilly but fun to explore the surroundings. In case of rainfall, the early part of May might have rare rainfall but the latter part of May brings the pre-monsoon which brings the occasional heavy rain or slight droppings frequently so the early part of May is adequate for trekking.

Weathers of Annapurna Region in May

The Annapurna region is very dynamic, especially in the case of their weather. Due to the high elevation, the weather is changing frequently, especially in the monsoon and winter seasons as there are sudden rainfalls and snowfalls and clear blue skies a few hours later.

However, May is the perfect month for trekkers who are hesitant about the weather mostly because it doesn’t constantly change during these months. The weather is quite moderate with cold mornings and nights and decently cool but windy afternoons.

There are occasional chances of rainfall during the latter part of May which makes weather a little bit cold and chilly, especially in the region’s higher altitude.

The moderate weather of the Spring season also helps flowers bloom in the barren grasslands and it is also the time of the beautiful rhododendron blooming which will make the mountain range or the trail extremely beautiful to walk upon.

As mentioned earlier mornings and nights are cold and can reach up to negative degrees as well so prepare well by packing in warm clothes, keeping yourself warm by drinking hot liquids, and also preparing for windy days by wearing a proper cold outfit.

Permits for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in May

You must need permits to trek the Annapurna Region in May. Permits and Documents are extremely necessary to be a legal trekker and even step foot in the Annapurna Region. You must need two important permits the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit to trek the Base Camp Area and also the TIMS card permit.

You can easily get your permits in May as sometimes the permits for the base camp are refused during times of either natural disasters or extreme winter conditions when everything is closed in the mountains.

To get your permits, you have to provide some documents like your passport with a Visa and also a bunch of photos. In terms of cost, you have to pay $20 per person for a TIMS card, and for the Annapurna Conservation Area permit you will have to pay $30 per person. You must need these permits to show and verify them at many checkpoints of your trek.

Hence you can be sure you can get your permits during May as there are no restrictions during the peak season without any problem.

Accommodation and Food During May at ABC Route

You can find many lodges and teahouses during May even in the higher altitude as unlike winter seasons they are always open. In the city areas of Kathmandu and Pokhara, your accommodation will be from budget hotels, three-star hotels, and five-star hotels.

When you continue your trek you will find lodges and teahouses on the remote trail of the trek where you will stay overnight. These tea houses in the trekking routes offer essential amenities like food and lodging. Each room has comfortable bedding, including two separate beds, warm blankets, cozy mattresses, pillows, and clean sheets for a restful night’s sleep.

Furthermore, if you are willing to pay an additional cost then you will get extra services like WIFI. hot showers to bath, hot drinking water, and single bedrooms. However, as you start climbing more altitudes and reach even more isolated areas these types of services will not be available and you have to stay in basic budgeted teahouses.

In the case of food and drinks, you will get basic Nepali cuisine like Dal Bhat along with Western delicacies in the cities areas of Kathmandu and Pokhara. The options on the food menu begin to decline as you start to reach the higher altitude. You will still get Dal Bhat and some Western cuisines like Pizzas, Burgers, sandwiches, Chapati, toast, and eggs.

During the entire trek, foods are divided into three parts Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner where you can choose from some local meals or foreign foods

ABC Trek Difficulty During May

As mentioned earlier May is one of the peak seasons for trekkers around the world so you will face some additional difficulty during the trek so let’s get into it.

Crowed Hotels and Lodges

To have a great time at ABC camp in May, it’s important to know that there are limited places to stay and many people visiting at that time.

The lodges, hotels, and other lodging facilities tend to fill up quickly, leaving latecomers with subpar choices. Therefore, it’s strongly advised to secure your booking in advance for the best accommodation facilities and a hassle-free trekking experience.

Duration and Distance

The ABC trek is exciting, and challenging but achievable in the world. You have to trek for 10 days to experience the complete Annapurna Base Camp trek so you must walk up to 10 km per day.. Moreover, the trials are not straightforward as you have to go through slippery slopes, and rocky mountain roads, and constantly hike the elevation which will drain even the fittest athlete in the world.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is one of the major difficulties that trekkers face during the ABC trek. However, the chances of altitude sickness in May are not as impactful as in the winter season.

The risk of sickness is still possible if you are at an altitude of over 3000m. The symptoms of Altitude Sickness are shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

The main way to prevent Altitude Sickness is by gradually ascending and descending while climbing the altitude. It is also equally important to not rush towards the top of the altitude which is why acclimatization day is necessary to get used to the weather and altitude of the region.

Furthermore, you should also be prepared by buying medicine for sickness like Diamax and even if the symptoms persist then you must lower the altitude immediately.

Crowded Route

As May is the peak month for trekkers, you will find many people from all around the world looking for similar experiences. Furthermore, the ABC Camp also mixes with other base camp trekking routes like Annapurna Circuit Trek, Hiunchuli Trek, and Mardi Himal Trek so if you are looking for a quiet trek then this month is not for you.

Can We See Clear Views and Mountains in May

Yes, we can see clear views and mountains in May. The Spring season is at its peak during this month with less chance of rainfall and humidity which makes the surroundings look clear and less hazy.

However, it is not as clear as late September to November during the autumn season. The month of May also leads to pre-monsoon time so in the time of late May there will be slight chances of rainfall.

People of the Annapurna region celebrate and remain in a festive mood during most of the month but May brings something special. The people celebrate the Buddha Jayanti with passion which will even motivate the trekkers to join them and enjoy their culture.

The temples and monasteries are decorated and local people sing local songs and dance which you can enjoy too. You can also enjoy local delicacies like sweets, breads and even local drinks which are prepared especially for the festival.

Cultural Exploration in Annapurna Base Camp Trek Route

Trekking at Annapurna Base Camp is as much about knowing a different culture as it’s about exploring places and enjoying views. Trekking at Annapurna Base Camp is an incredible experience that combines the exploration of breathtaking landscapes with the opportunity to learn about a unique culture. It’s not just about the physical challenge but also about discovering new perspectives and enriching oneself.


Overall May is one of the perfect months for trekking at Annapurna Base Camp. During May, get ready to witness the best of the spring season with crystal-clear skies, vibrant blooming flowers, and breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas.

You’ll get the chance to explore some of the most stunning destinations on the planet and fully engage with the warm and welcoming locals, discovering their unique customs and traditions.

Tej Bahadur Gurung

With an experience of almost two decades, founder Mr. Tej Bahadur Gurung has established Nepal Alternative Treks as a widely recognized and reliable tourism operator. His degree in Tourism Studies and devotion to the sector has given him in-depth knowledge about trekking, climbing, cultural, and geological aspects of the country. He is a pioneer in introducing the concept of ‘off-beaten tracks’ and ‘alternative routes’ as well as treks and tour packages surrounding it.

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